InfraRecorder 0.4

InfraRecorder 0.4 - Free application for burning audio, data or mixed CDs
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InfraRecorder 0.4 - Free Windows application for burning audio, data or mixed projects on CDs, image or phisical (including dual layer support) discs, erasing rewritable discs, direct copy disc to disc, etc.

The application imports data from sessions from discs and is able to add new sessions to the same disc or "lock" the disc so no more data can be added to it. It scans every disc and displays all the corresponding information, as well as scan selected tracks looking for errors.

Intuitive user interface customizable to be similar to the Windows Explorer. Drag and drop facilities for selecting files to the open project.

Multilanguage support for user interface.

The program offers three kinds of projects to manage: Data, Audio and Mixed

Data projects contain directories, folders and data files. These discs should be readable by any normalized computer system, and the data discs are recorded in higher speed than audio files. Normally data discs stay "open" and data can be added to them.

Audio projects are set to record audio discs to be played on CD players, portable players and computers CD drives. Since the audio files don't include error correction parameters, their recording are a little slower than data discs.

Mixed projects contain data and audio files.

The application is easy to learn and the project creating process is simple and similar to others recorders. The user interface guides the user step by step in the burning sequence.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Easy to use. Impresive multilanguage support for the user interface (up to 35 languages). Good help file


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